Amada Europe 258 Punch Machine

We’ve taken some pictures today at our remanufacturing centre, where we are currently in the process of returning this 18 year old Amada Europe 258 Punch to ‘As New’ condition. 

After years in production, machines need a good deep clean.

There are several reasons for this, presentation included,but the primary drivers are more practical.

Build-up of abrasive metal dust and slugs mixes with grease to create an abrasive paste which fouls or prematurely wears many of the mechanical parts.

To create machine “as good as new” this all needs to be removed.

The bare frame is thoroughly cleaned and all the assemblies and parts removed during the strip down are either run through our rotary parts washer, or cleaned manually with a steam cleaner. 

As the Machine is stripped back to the frame, it is also easier to compile a list of parts required for the remanufacture process to begin.

Many of these would not be evident on a standard machine service.

Corrective action is then determined - be it replacement or repair.

In most cases, we know what we're looking for, but there can always be surprises. Nothing is left to chance.

This is all about the experience of the engineer involved –for this there is no substitute.

All engineers are not only Amada trained, with years of OEM field experience, but have an in depth knowledge of what is required to remanufacture a machine to JTES standards

Once the necessary new or re worked parts are in place the rebuild begins.

An almost identical process to that in the Amada factories..

Once again, the skill and vast experience of the engineer is vital.

In excess of 250 man hours can go into 1 machine alone……..that’s why our machines are “as good as new”. 

The real benefit of buying remanufactured may not be realised for months or even years.

A remanufactured machine will be not only be significantly more reliable, with minimal unplanned downtime, but will produce parts of the highest quality for years to come.

A wise investment with increased residual value when it’s time to change.

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For pricing information on this machine, any other machines on our website or to discuss your machinery requirements in more detail, 

Please contact us here, or call the office number on 01260 297700. 

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