Amada LKI MP300 Automation machine

Photos of an LKI MP300 automation system which leaves for customer site tomorrow.

This client processes a lot of pre coated, textured material, which a standard automation system would struggle to cope with.

Therefore a number of changes have been engineered,including a redesign of the sucker array.

It was changed from the standard rexroth, which is prone to dropping this material, to PIAB, with improved vacuum generators designed into new sucker arms.

The engineers also had to increase air flow rate to this sucker array with larger ID pipe work and hi flow valves.

The new system works faultlessly– and would equally suit customers wishing to handle heavy materials.


This is just one of the many modifications that JTES make during the remanufacture of machines to enhance and improve their performance.

We are not just a sales company. We are an engineering company that remanufactures, and sells Amada sheet metal machines. 

That’s what makes the difference.


Contact us for information on machines currently available for sale.

office: 01260 297700

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