Entry Level Press Brake Machines - Remanufactured & Fantastic Value

"Low cost can mean great value" commented Managing Director John Taylor, on the installation of a FULLY REMANUFACTURED Amada ITPS5020 machine to a customer in the North West.  "We've just installed a 1989 Press Brake, but as it's been fully remanufactured, the machine has been returned to the original manufacturers specifications - as if new."   "It's a complete package at it's best - remanufactured, delivered, installed, training and a warranty (UK) for a one off price.  No risk."

"The customer has already received from JTES a remanufactured laser and punch, which have changed the nature of their business."  continued John, "We always try and stock the full range of Amada machines, giving a wide price range, from entry level to latest models."

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