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1999 Amada LC2415 Alpha III - 2kw

 Amada LC2415 Alpha III, 2kw Laser

Amada LC2415 Alpha III, 2kw Laser
Amada LC2415 Alpha III, 2kw Laser
Stock No.: 1766
Model Amada LC2415 Alpha III 2kw
Year 1999
Traverse Method

X work piece traverse
Y axis head traverse

Axis Traverse Distance 2520 x 1550 x 300 mm (Z axis)
Max. Sheet Size
(including 1 reposition)
5040 x 1550 mm
Max. Guaranteed
Material Thickness
12mm mild steel
9mm stainless (oxygen cut)
6mm stainless (clean cut)
4mm Aluminium (A5052)
Max. Material Weight 330 kg
Max. Feed Speed 80m/min (X & Y axis)
60m/min (z axis)
Laser Cutting Speed 0 - 20m/min
Positioning Repeatability /- 0.005mm
Axis Drive (X, Y & Z) AC servo motor
Workchute 1550 x 550 mm
Assist Gas 4 ports, 6 selections autochange
Electric Power Required
(Includes Oscillator)
43KVA 400V /- 10% 50 Hz
Air Required Machine Only 6.0 Kgf/cm2 250 L/min
Machine Length 5200 mm
Machine Height 2275 mm
Machine Weight 6200 Kn


Standard Equipment  Anti scratch roller system
- Z - Axis sensor (HS-98)
NC Autofocus
CE Conformity Partition

Oscillator Specification

Rated Output:
Laser Gas Mixture:

Laser Gas Pressure:
Laser Gas Consumption:

Fanuc C - 2000C
RF Discharge excited fast axial flow
2000 W
C02:He2:N2=5:40:55 /- 2%
each volume
1.75 /- 0.25 Kgf/cm2 (at regulator)
10 L/hr

NC Specification
Data Interface:

Fanuc 160 i L
9" Colour LCD

Chiller Specification

Water Specification:
Power Requirement:
Power Consumption:


Tricool 2152 - 50 AMS or equivalent
Air cooled, Floor mounted
400 V 3 phase 50H
1200mm(L) x 620mm (W) x 1520mm (H)
390 Kg
Dust Collection


Air Requirements:
Power Supply:

Fan Motor:

DCE Unicell C32 - 3K10 or equivalent
270 Litres / min (7 bar)
3 phase AC supply 400V 50Hz
832 Kg
1030mm(W) x 3300mm(L) x 1630mm (H)
5.5 kw


Features and Benefits

Warranty:     Parts and labour warranty available in UK.  Installation and training available.

Availability:  Ex stock,

Condition:    FULLY REMANUFACTURED. Available to view in our warehouse near Congleton, Cheshire, UK. Jct17 M6.

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