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2008 Amada LC1212 Alpha IV - 2.5kw

Amada LC1212 Alpha IV 2.5kw Laser
Stock No.: 1772
Model Amada LC1212 Alpha IV 2.5 kw
Year 2008
Traverse Method X Axis Head Traverse
Y Axis Head Traverse
Axis Traverse Distance 1270mm x 1270mm x 300 mm (Z Axis)
Max. Sheet Size
(including 1 reposition)
2540mm x 1270mm x 300mm
Max. Guaranteed
Material Thickness
9mm Mild Steel
9mm Stainless (Oxygen Cut)
6mm Stainless (Clean Cut)
4mm Aluminium (A5052)
Max. Table Load Weight 210 Kg
Positioning Speed 80m/min (X & Y Axis)
60m/min (Z Axis)
Laser Cutting Speed 0 - 20m /min
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.01 mm/ 500 mm
Repeatable Positioning AC Servo Motor
Workchute 1450 x 550 mm
Electric Connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases
Connected Load (Machine) 2500 - W - Laser: 50kVA
Air Required Machine Only 250 L/min, 6.0 bar
Machine Length
Machine Height
Machine Weight 5600 Kg


Standard Equipment  Adapative optics (active cut)
HS-2003 sensor cutting head
High pressure cutting device (clean cut)
Aluminium cutting device (Alu cut)
Automatic focal point setting
Automatic gas pressure setting
Automatic readjustment device
Parts chute
Diode laser for positioning
Beam path flushing
Cutting gas filter system

Oscillator Specification
System Principle:
Maximal Laser Output:
Laser Wavelength
Laser Stability:
Laser Gas Consumption:

Fanuc AF - 2000E (LU 2.5)
AC HF-simulated fast streamed
cw 2500 W
 10,6 um
+/- 1%
around 10 L/hour

CNC Control, Model AMNC-F
Number of controlled axes
Input resolution
Input Formal
Disk Drive
Storage capacity

14" LCD
0.001 mm
3.5" HD
10 MB

AMNC-F Multimedia control Cutting data library
Editing mode in cutting operation
Laser output display
Laser output control
Programmable cutting gas setting
Self diagnostic system
Hand wheel for manual positioning mode


Features and Benefits

Warranty:    Parts and labour warranty (UK).  Installation and training available worldwide.

Availability:  Ex stock.

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