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1993 Amada Pega 357

Amada Pega 357
Amada Pega 357
Amada Pega 357 turret
Amada Pega 357 front table
Amada pega 357 rear table
Amada Pega 357 control
Stock No.: 1331
Model Amada Pega 357, 45 Station Turret with 4 Autoindexing units
Year 1993
Frame Construction Bridge Type
Press Capacity 30 tonnes (294kN)
Axis Traverse Distance 1270 x 1830mm
Workable Maximum Sheet Size
including 1 auto reposition
1270 x 3660mm
Max. Material Thickness 6.35mm
Max. Hole Diameter
Max. Material
41mm diameter
Max. Material Weight 100Kg
Max. Hole Diameter 114.3mm
No. of Stations 45 Stations:
24 x A (Max. Dia. 12.7mm)
12 x B (Max. Dia. 31.7mm)
2 x C (Max. Dia. 50.8mm)
1 x D (Max. Dia. 88.9mm)
2 x E (Max. Dia. 114.3mm)
Auto Indexing:
2 x B (Max Dia 31.7mm)
2 x C (Max Dia. 50.8mm) 
Axis Speed X/Y 82 m/min


Strokes per Minute 350 S.P.M.
Hits per Minute 25mm Pitch: 200 H.P.M.
Turret Speed
25 RPM
Punching Accuracy / - 0.1mm
Ram Stroke Length 32mm
Axis Drives AC Servo Motor
Press Motor 5.5kw
Electric Power
18Kva 400V /- 10% 50Hz
Air Pressure
5.0 Kgf/cm²
Air Flow 80 L/min
Machine Length 5060 mm
Machine Width 4000 mm
Machine Height 2400 mm 
Machine Weight 12000 Kgs 
Standard Equipment Perimeter Light Beam Safety System
Model Of NC:
Data Interface:
Amadan 04P-C
14" Colour Monitor


Features and Benefits

Warranty:     6 months parts and labour warranty.  Installation and training included.

Availability:  Ex stock, Available to view under power.

Condition:    Undergoing remanufacture in our Warehouse near Sandbach, Cheshire, UK. Jct17 M6.

Price:            P.O.A