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2007 Amada EMK 3510 NT 

Stock No.: 1612

Model Amada EMK 3510 NT electric punch, 58 Station Turret with 4 Auto indexing units
Year 2007
Frame Construction Bridge Type
Press Capacity 30 tonnes (196kN)
Press Type High speed AC servo direct twin drive
Axis Traverse Distance 1270 x 2500mm
Workable Maximum
Sheet Size with Auto Positioning
1270 x 5000mm
Max. Material Thickness4.5mm normal steel
Max. Material Weight 150Kg
Max. Hole Diameter 114.3mm
No. of Stations 58 Stations:
24 x A (Max. Dia. mm)
24 x B (Max. Dia. mm)
4 x C (Max. Dia. mm)
2 x D (Max. Dia. mm)
Auto Indexing:
2 x B (Max Dia mm)
2 x E (Max. Dia. mm) 
Axis Speed X / YX 100m/min, Y80m/min


Hits per Minute500 min (5mm stroke, 25.4mm pitch): 780 min (5mm stroke, 1.0mm pitch): 1800 min (1.4mm stroke, 0.5mm pitch)
Turret Speed
330 RPM
Punching Accuracy / - 0.1mm
Positioning Repeatability / - 0.07mm
Ram Stroke Length 37mm
Tool Lubrication Air Blow System
Axis Drives AC Servo Motor
Electric Power
AC200V 3-Phase 5-/60Hz, 27kVA
Air Pressure
5.0 Kgf/cm²
Air Flow
Machine Length 5526mm
Machine Width 5120mm 
Machine Height 2318mm 
Machine Weight 23 tons 
Standard Equipment Safety Lightguards
Model Of NC:
Data Interface:
AMNC Touch Screen


Features and Benefits

Warranty:     6 months parts and labour warranty in UK.  Installation and training available.

Availability:  Available April 2017. 


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