2001 Amada HFT 100/3 (1907)

Amada HFT 100/3
Amada HFT 100/3
Amada HFT 100/3
Stock No.: 1907
Model Amada HFT 100/3 downstoke CNC Press brake
Year  2001
Tonnage  1000 KN
Max. Bend Length  3000 mm
Stroke Length  200 mm
Approach Speed  100 mm/sec
Bending Speed  10 mm/sec
Return Speed  100 mm/sec
Oil Capacity  
Motor Power  
Weight   7300kg
Machine Length   4070 mm
Machine Width   2010 mm
Bed Length   3000 mm
Beam Width  60 mm
Speed X axis  300 mm/s
Speed R axis  250 mm/s
Open Height  470 mm
Throat Depth  420 mm


CNC Control  
Type  CD 2002 CNC
Controlled Axis  Y1, Y2, X, R 
Backguage Stroke (X axis)  700 mm/s Max gauge 1000mm
Backguage Stroke (R axis)  250mm/s
Backguage Repeatability  


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