1999 Amada Apelio III 2510V Combination Laser Punch Press

Amada Apelio III 2510 Vipros Combination Punch Press with 2kw laser

Stock No.: 1858
Model Amada Apelio III 2510 Vipros Combination Punch Press with 31 Station Turret with 3 Auto Indexing Units 2KW Laser
Year 1999
Frame Construction Bridge Type
Press Capacity 20 tonnes (196kN)
Axis Traverse Distance 2500 x 1270mm
Workable Max. Sheet Size with auto repositioning 5000 x 1270mm
Max. Material Thickness 9mm Mild steel
4mm Stainless Steel
4mm Aluminium 5052
Max. Hole Dia./Max. Material 14mm diameter
Max. Material Weight 100Kg
Max. Hole Dia. 88mm
No. of Stations: 31 Stations:
19 x A (Max. Dia. 12.7mm)
6 x B (Max. Dia. 31.7mm)
1 x C (Max. Dia. 50.8mm)
2 x D (Max. Dia. 88.9mm)
Auto Index:
2 x B (Max. Dia. 31.7mm)
1 x C (Max. Dia 50.8mm)

Electric Power Required 55KVA 400V /- 10% 50Hz
Air Pressure Required 5.0 Kgf/cm²
Air Flow 80 L/min
Clutch Brake Hydraulic Combination

Machine Length mm
Machine Height mm
Machine Width mm
Machine Weight Kgs


Axis Speed 82m/min
Axis Drives AC Servo Motor
Strokes per Minute 350 S.P.M.
Hits per Minute(25mm pitch) 2mm Pitch: 1000 H.P.M./2.5mm Stroke
25.4mm Pitch: 340 H.P.M./8mm Stroke
Turret Speed Bi-Directional 30 RPM
Punching Accuracy / - 0.1mm
Ram Stroke Length 32mm
Oscillator Specification
Rated Output:
Laser Gas Mixture:
Laser Gas Pressure:
Laser Gas Consumption:
Cutting Capacity:

Fanuc C-1500B
RF Discharge Excited Fast Axial Flow
CO2:N2:He ratio 5:55:40 (Laser)
1.75 /-0.25Kgf/cm²(at regulator)
10 l/hr (Laser)
12mm Mild Steel
9mm Stainless (Oxygen Cut)
6mm Stainless (Clean Cut)
4mm Aluminium (A5052)
NC Specification
CRT Display:
Data Interface:

Fanac 18P
14" TFT
Chiller Specification
Water Type:
Power Requirement:
Power Consumption:
Operating Current Starting:
Operating Current Running:

Air Cooled, Floor Mounted
415V 3 Phase Earth

Dust Collector Specification
Air Requirements:
Power Supply:
Fan Motor: