2007 Amada AC 2510 NT

Amada AC 2510 NT
Amada AC 2510 NT
Amada AC 2510 NT
Stock No.: 1756
Model Amada AC 2510 NT
Year 2007
Press Type AC Servo Drive
Axis Traverse Distance 1270 x 2500mm
Workable Maximum
Sheet Size

1270mm x 5000mm
(with auto repositioning(

Max. Material Thickness 3.2mm mild steel
Max. Hole Diameter
Max. Material
88.9 mm
Max Material Weight 150 kg
No. of Stations

24 A up to 12.7 mm
18 B up to 31.7 mm
3 C up to 50.8 mm
2 D up to 88.9 mm
3 AI up to 31.7 mm
1 AI up to 50.8 mm

Axis Speed (X, Y) 100 m/min
Hits Per Minute  


Turret Speed
30 R.P.M
Punching Accuracy 0.1 mm (incl 1 respostion)
Ram Stroke Length
Tool Lubrication
Axis Drives
Electric Power
19 KVA
Air Pressure
5.0 Kgf/cm2
Air Flow 500 l/min
Machine Length 4165 mm
Machine Width 5120 mm
Machine Height 2082 mm
Machine Weight 13000 kg

Model Of NC:

Data Interface:

AMNC-F windows based network control

15" Colour LCD touch screen


Features and Benefits

Warranty:     Parts and labour warranty in UK.  Installation and training available.

Availability:  Ex stock.  Automation available  

Price:            P.O.A