Machine Remanufacture

Amada Machine Remanufacture

JTES Ltd's remanufactured Amada machines are the best in the industry.

All machines follow a similar route on arrival at our warehouse.

  • On arrival at our facility, every pre owned machine is recommissioned and serviced.
  • This service enables us to identify, not only which parts require immediate replacement, but those likely to fail in the first few years of operation.  These are also replaced.
  • Machines are then stripped of all external covers, which are repaired/remade and shot blasted and powder coated for subsequent refitting.
  • Machines are then mechanically stripped further to allow comprehensive cleaning schedule to commence.
  • Post clean, the machine is reassembled, with specified new or remanufactured parts.
  • A series of production performance tests then follow.
  • External covers are refitted.
  • Machines prepared for customer demonstration.

To see individual machine remanufacture case studies, look at the pages listed in the red area on the left, or click on the links below. We'll be uploading new case studies very soon.
We've also added some before and after shots of the machines, so you can see the transformation!

JTES Ltd are so confident in the remanufacture process, that all machines carry a 6 months parts and labour warranty (UK).  Our Amada machines have often been mistaken for new machines! We encourage potential customers to come and visit our warehouse to see the process.

  • Amada Amada Arcade 210, 1994

    Amada Amada Arcade 210, 1994

    Before Remanufacture Although cosmetically reasonable, the machine had done in excess of 20,000 hours and technically needed attention. Replacement of auto-index punch sleeves Auto index stations are used most frequently and therefore suffer the most wear. In almost all cases these require replacement as shown in the photo. New auto index drive shaft universal joints In order that the auto index punches to specification and therefore exhibits no backlash on ‘stepping’ keys, belts and universal joints are replaced in the drive Read more...

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