CoastOne G20 Electric Press Brake, 5 axis Press Brake (NEW)

CoastOne G20 Electric Press Brake
CoastOne G20 Electric Press Brake
CoastOne G20 Electric Press Brake

Stock No.: 1004
Model CoastOne G20 Press Brake.
Electric (NEW)
Year  2019
Tonnage  67 tonnes
Motor Power  3 x 5 kw
Maximum bending length  2040 mm
Distance between side frames  2200 mm
Frame width  2990 mm
Frame height  2500 mm
Frame depth  1780 mm
Throat depth  O Frame
Table height  900 mm
Weight  5100 kg
Daylight gap  600 mm
Y-axis stroke  280 mm
Y axis repeating accuracy  +/- 0.002 mm
Y axis max working speed  10mm or 20mm
Y axis approach speed
  100 mm
Y axis return speed   100 mm
X axis speed
  500 mm
X axis accuracy  +/- 0.025 mm
X axis stroke

 600 mm


X axis max position dimension

Delta X axis speed

Delta X axis accuracy

Delta X axis stroke

R axis speed

R axis accuracy

R axis stroke

Z axis speed

Z axis accuracy

Z axis stroke

750 mm

100 mm/s

+/- 0.025 mm

+/- 50mm

100 mm/s

+/- 0.05 mm

200 mm

1500 mm/s

+/- 0.5 mm

120 to 1940 mm

Cone TC15 15" touch screen

Networkable control, offline storage and retrieval
Controlled Axis  3, 5 or 6 available


 Different model specifications available




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Warranty:    24 months Parts and labour warranty (UK).  Installation and training

Availability:  Ex stock.

Condition:    New

Demo machine available to visit in our Warehouse, Congleton, Cheshire

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