Amada 2204  HFE MK2 Press brake 

Welland Power, a large manufacturer of UK diesel generators and winner of the Queens Award has purchased an Amada 2204 HFE MK2 press brake from JTES. This  4m press, with 220 tons of pressing force has the capacity to press steel over 4m long and up to 30mm thick. JTES supplied, delivered and installed the machine to Welland UK factory in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Weighing in at almost 20 tons, delivering and siting this piece of machinery requires expert care and attention. Luckily JTES are highly experienced in delivering such items. There was just 100mm clearance on the door height to move this machine into place - the machine itself is 3.2m high, 5.3m wide and 2.4m deep.

In order to produce their range of UK made generators with Perkins engines and Baudouin engines, Welland use an Amada CNC laser, maintained by a local partner of JTES.  This machine cuts the sheet  metal in it's flat form, before being loaded into the new Amada 2204 press to be formed into the appropriate shape. The press is used daily to form the bases, canopies and control panels required, before they are welded, powdered coated and finally assembled into finished products. This process relies on precision machinery and Amada produces some of the finest CNC machinery in the world.

Managing Director of Welland Power, Charlie Farrow , said "Welland have used JTES several times for various projects and they have consistently delivered an outstanding level of service. This project was no different and the production team are extremely happy with the delivery and installation. We would certainly recommend JTES to anyone considering purchasing pre-owned CNC machinery. Welland have for the last decade used Amada CNC machines in our factory due to their reliability, high performance and precision. There are a lot of alternative manufacturers on CNC machinery, but when buying high value capital goods, you need to buy from people who can offer the level of support and service you need to maintain the machine for the duration of its life. Amada have a long history of manufacturing machines and JTES have an excellent record of supporting Welland Power. For this requirement we needed to continue this trend - using high quality machinery to produce our high - quality products. Diesel generators are a high value capital item like CNC machinery and it is important to ensure that we produce the best UK generators possible to compete against manufactures in other countries such as China and Turkey".

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